Policies and Procedures for the EYFS 2021


0    Introduction

0    Policy and procedures implementation and review policy

0.0    Implementation and review procedure

01    Health and safety policy 

01.1    Risk assessment

01.1a    Generic risk assessment form

01.1b    Access audit form

01.1c    Prioritised place risk assessment form

01.2    Group rooms, stair ways and corridors

01.3    Kitchen

01.4    Children’s bathrooms/changing areas

01.5    Milk kitchen

01.6    Short trips, outings and excursions

01.7    Outdoors

01.8    Staff cloakrooms

01.9    Maintenance and repairs

01.10    Laundry area

01.11    Staff personal safety

01.12    Threats and abuse towards staff and volunteers

01.13    Entrances and approach to the building

01.14    Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

01.15    Manual handling

01.16    Festival (and other) decorations

01.17    Jewellery and hair accessories

01.18    Animals and pets

01.19    Face painting and mehndi

01.20    Notifiable incident, non-child protection

01.21    Terrorist threat/attack and lock-down

01.22    Closed circuit television (CCTV)

02    Fire safety policy

02.1    Fire safety

02.1a    Fire safety risk assessment form

03    Food safety and nutrition policy

03.1    Food preparation, storage and purchase
03.2    Food for play and cooking activities

03.3    Milk and baby food preparation and storage

03.4    Menu planning and nutrition

03.5    Meeting dietary requirements

03.6    Breast feeding

04    Health policy

04.1    Accidents and emergency treatment

04.2    Administration of medicine

04.2a    Health care plan form

04.3    Life-saving medication and invasive treatments

04.4    Allergies and food intolerance

04.5    Poorly children

04.6    Oral health

04.7    Baby and child massage

05    Promoting inclusion, equality and valuing diversity policy

05.1    Promoting inclusion, equality and valuing diversity

06    Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults policy

06.1    Responding to safeguarding or child protection concerns

6.1a Child welfare and protection summary

6.1b Safeguarding incident reporting form

6.1c Confidential safeguarding incident report form

06.2    Allegations against staff, volunteers or agency staff

06.3    Visitor or intruder on the premises

06.4    Uncollected child

06.5    Missing child

06.6     Incapacitated parent

06.7     Death of a child on-site

06.8    Looked after children

6.8a Care plan for looked after children form

06.9    E-safety

6.10    Key person supervision

07    Record keeping policy

07.1    Children’s records and data protection

07.1a    Privacy notice

07.2    Confidentiality, recording and sharing information

07.3    Client access to records

07.4 Transfer of records

08    Staff, volunteers and students policy

08.1     Staff deployment

08.2     Deployment of volunteers and parent helpers

08.3     Student placement

09    Childcare practice policy

09.1    Waiting list and admissions

09.1a    About our childcare

09.1b    Application to join

09.1c    Childcare registration form

09.1d    Childcare terms and conditions

09.2    Absence

09.3    Prime times – The role of the key person

09.4    Prime times – Settling in and transitions

09.5    Establishing children’s starting points

09.6    Prime times – Arrivals and departures

09.7    Prime times – Baby and toddler mealtimes

09.8    Prime times – Snack-times and mealtimes (older children)

09.9    Prime times – Intimate care and nappy changing

09.10    Prime times – Sleep and rest time

09.11    Managing separation anxiety in children under 2 years old

09.12    Promoting positive behaviour

09.13    Identification, assessment and support for children with SEND

09.13a SEN Support: Initial record of concern form

09.13b    SEN Support: Action plan

09.14    Prime times – Transition to school

09.15     Progress check at age two

09.15a    Progress check at age two form

10    Working in partnership with parents and other agencies policy

10.1    Working in partnership with parents and other agencies

10.2    Complaints procedure for parents and service users

Copies of the Policies and Procedure are available upon request by contacting a member of staff via email or in person.